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Harvest Moon

'The Drunken Trees' EP. Love it.

'The Drunken Trees' EP. Love it.


Oh, the Autumn.


My favorite time of the year has come and it took me a whole month to post about it – in part, because with September, great news arrived as well. My life has changed a bit. I got two new jobs and basically, for the first time, I am able to work with the three things I love the most: one is music; the other is journalism – writing, you know, and last but not least, fashion. So forgive me if I haven’t been around, but trust me when I say I’ve been having some fun – and learning a lot.


In other (un)related news, it seems that the weather in Massachusetts is a little ahead of time in its regular schedule – it’s been cool in the morning and the feeling you get is that we went to bed on a sunny, 80-degree Sunday and woke up to a cool, breezy, low-50s Monday. I’m not complaining. I love the fall and it feels good to see it coming, I just think people weren’t prepared for it just yet. But really, how hard is it to adapt to hot cider, cute cowboy boots and Au Bon Pain’s butternut squash & apple soup?


The Soderberg Sisters

So, two days ago, Nate told me about this video he saw on the Fleet Foxes’ Myspace page: two girls, in the middle of the woods, sporting their best plaid shirts, playing guitar and singing a version of their ‘Tiger Mountain Peasant Song’ – a beautiful, girlie version. Later I found out that they are a duo from Sweden, called First Aid Kit. Their own Myspace page is cute but unfortunately still doesn’t show any tour dates. Needless to say I fell instantly in love with the two Soderberg sisters, Klara and Johanna. Their voices are precious, not too sweet, not too rough – just like folkie songs would ask. I am a harmony lover and the way these girls work the combination of tones and acoustic guitar makes me feel like taking the week off to go see the foliage in Maine.



With September coming to an end in a week, it’s time to prepare for the real deal, go check out the Topsfield Fair and of course, decide on your Halloween costume. I just beg that people don’t go partying dressed as The Joker or Sarah Palin. Yes, they’re great Halloween ideas, both equally creepy, but cliché. You don’t wanna be one in a million, just use your creativity. I’m still working on mine.

First Aid Kit – You’re Not Coming Home Tonight.mp3