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Oh, well.

I tried to start out with an interesting topic, I really wanted to go on and talk about how I’ve been obsessed with Joy Division and Ian Curtis and “Control” and the Documentary, and how I even bought the Newbury Comics “Unknown Pleasures” special edition beer mug. But I decided to talk about myself, like in a very persona-descriptive level, talk about who I am and why I am here and all those silly things that people usually do on the first day of class to introduce themselves, things they never thought about but when said out loud to new people could make sense – or could make you feel stupid. But let’s go ahead before I change my mind once more.

So this is the first time I write a blog in English but not the first time I write a blog. I’m Brazilian, been living in and around Boston for almost three years now and throughout this time I kept a record of all things around me – concerts, movies, tv shows, music festivals, etc – on a blog I created with one of my good friends, who writes back from Sao Paulo (my hometown). The blog is still alive.  Feel free to go check it out but please don’t ask me for translations. That’s the whole point of me writing a blog in english, not to mention that things I consider really exciting will be present on both ends, fo’sho.

Now,  the self descrition part.

I am 26. I grew up in one of the biggest cities of the world, and always loved it. I kept a diary from when I was 9 until I started my first serious relationship and life got a bit more complicated. I remember telling my mom that, if one day I had to move out of my city, I would go live in a different country and I was only 12.  I am not mentioning my early love for writing because I want you to think I’m a great promise or anything like that. I probably am the biggest Ben Kweller fan you’ve ever met but I’m not creepy. I am married and I still don’t understand the whole negativity about marriage, it’s truly great. I miss my friends and the parties and the language and my country but I’m also happy where I am. My favorite cartoon is Mafalda, from the Argentinian author Quino, she fucking rocks. I’ve been to my first music festival three months ago and was amazed by it. I am a full-on throwback and wish I could have lived in the 70s but then I think about my BlackBerry and change my mind. I love fashion and once I thought it could become my carreer but really, I only like to come up with good ideas to dress myself up. I am brunette. I love music but can’t stand people who consider themselves “music people”. Yeah, the BlackBerry was the reason for the blog’s title, but I also *LOVE* jam, gotta have it everyday in the morning, on wheat bread with a cup of coffee + cream. I love history and pop culture and think the combination of both is fascinating. I wish I went to the movies more often. I wanna go to Japan more than I wanna go visit my friends back home. I am a peoplewatcher but I also tend to dislike people who consider themselves peoplewatchers. I’ve been really into punk rock thanks to a summer class I’m taking. I like Holden Caulfield, Chuck Klosterman and Lester Bangs but that doesn’t necessarily translates my personality. I love dive bars, and Long Island Iced Teas. I also like bad beer, a.k.a. Bud Light and PBR and couldn’t care less if they’re not that respectable. I wanna get a dog and name it either Holden or Chuck but I will probably call it Lester. I don’t consider myself a geek but my friends probably do. I am just starting to get the American humor and learning to have fun with it. Finally, I decided to put everything I love and hate in the same place. That’s what this one will be about.


 Joy Division – She’s Lost Control.mp3