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Summer Jukebox

Picthfork did us a big favor and put together a list of all new releases throughout this summer. Here are my picks:

1) David Bowie – “Live in Santa Monica ’72”  (out by 7/8 )

2) Albert Hammond Jr. – “Como Te Llama?” (this time he’s prioritizing his home country, out 7/8 )

3) Saturday Looks Good to Me – “Cold Colors EP” (7/8, Tuesday sounds good to me)

4) M83 – “Kim and Jessie” single (7/22)

5) Patti Smith & Kevin Shields – “The Coral Sea” (a complex reunion, out by 7/11)

6) Various Artists – “Life Beyond Mars – Bowie Covered” (7/8 )

7) Simian Mobile Disco – “Sample and Hold” (7/28, sample and hold)

8 ) The Dandy Warhols – “Earth to The Dandy Warhols” (7/28 )

P.S: There’s a lot more to come, including The Verve, The Cure and Morrisey. They’re all scheduled for September, and that just doesn’t belong to the Summer Jukebox. Wait and see.

PPS: I did not mention CSS’s “Donkey” due to a lack of interest in it.

Albert Hammond Jr – “Gfc”.mp3